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  1. SIDEFX HOUDINI FX V15.0.274 MACOSX64 10.10-XFORCE SIDEFX HOUDINI FX V15.0.274 MACOSX64 10.10-XFORCE | 766.3 MB Little update in OSX keygen to handle long computer names and updated osx license server to 15.0.274 in the mean time Houdini FX combines superior performance and dramatic, ease-of-use to deliver a powerful and accessible 3D experience to VFX artists creating feature films, commercials or video games With its procedural node-based workflow, Houdini lets you create more content faster to reduce timelines and enjoy enhanced flexibility in all your creative tasks Houdini is perfect for Visual Effects artists and technical directors with its particle and dynamics environment. Houdini FX includes a complete toolset for studios that want to use it for other tasks such as lighting, animation or procedural modeling INSTALLATION: 1. Unzip & Unrar, check Crack/install.txt 2. Enjoy it DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability) [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url]
  2. Advanced Installer Architect 15.0.1 | 122.2 MB Your solution for application packaging and deployment. Powerful and easy-to-use. Advanced Installer is a Windows installer authoring tool for installing, updating, and configuring your products safely, securely, and reliably. Top 10 Features: Dialog Editor Visually customise existing installer dialogs or create new ones from scratch. Save dialog templates and reuse dialogs between projects. Build Patches for your applications Save bandwidth updating your product with patches. Point-and-click creation with included Wizard. Pre- and post-build checks ensure correctness. Multilingual and Localized installers Over 30 translations for localizing your installers. Easily modify, add to existing translations or create your own from scratch. App-VApplication Full support for Microsoft's Application Virtualization technology. Effortlessly build App-V packages for your software, enjoying all virtualization benefits. Repackage existing applications Painlessly capture, customize and repackage existing installations into MSI packages. Upgrade legacy setups to Windows Installer technology. Extensive IIS support Configure and deploy Web Sites, Virtual Directories and Web Applications, Application Pools, User Accounts. List available web sites and virtual directories. Import into MSI Leverage existing installers and projects. Import from Visual Studio,InstallShield LE, WiX, Eclipse, Inno Setup, NSIS and regular MSI/MSM packages. Update XML files Insert, replace or remove elements and attributes in XML files. Trivially patch XML configuration files, painlessly register in frameworks. More Features: MSI Authoring - Simple, Secure, Solid Advanced Installer simplifies how you package and update your software on Windows. Conquer the complexity and harness the power of Windows Installer through our simple GUI. Visual Studio Create your setup package directly from Visual Studio, using the official extension from Advanced Installer. Import your solution artifacts with just a few clicks. Continuous Integration Officially supported extensions for Team Foundation Server, Jenkins, TeamCity and Bamboo. Use our command-line interface to create your custom pipeline. Team Collaboration Build merge modules to share your work with the team and document everything you want from the installer using the built-in project notes support from our GUI. Simplified Development and Maintenance The standard XML format designed for Advanced Installer projects give you simple code diffs. Easily spot accidental changes before breaking your build. Secure Application Deployment SHA256 digital signing for all your setup packages and integrity checks on update downloads. We protect your users and your reputation by applying the latest security standards. Complete Application Lifetime Management Deploy seamless application updates using the built-in updater from Advanced Installer. Configurable within minutes, all from our simple and powerful GUI. Extensibility at Full Power Create the best UX for your end users. Customize and extend the built-in functionality provided by Advanced Installer with your code, written in C#, C++, PowerShell, VBScript or by using our predefined custom actions. Beautiful and Easily Customizable GUI Create a unique and perfect UI for your installers using our WYSIWYG editor. Target International Markets Localize your installers to create the best user experience, no matter what language your users speak. Cloud and Desktop Package and deploy both desktop applications as well as web apps. Publish them to Azure Websites, Microsoft Windows Store or on your own website. Release Notes: Requirements: Advanced Installer requires Windows 7, 8 or 10. Homepage Download Advanced Installer Architect 15.0.1 from here: DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability) [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url]
  3. The Loop Loft Funk Essentials Vol 3 WAV The Loop Loft Funk Essentials Vol 3 WAV | 160 MB Funk Essentials Volume 3 takes an old school approach to funk drums, infusing the soul of classic Stax and Motown tracks with the fat, warm, vintage tones of Universal Audio and API preamps. Each session was recorded utilizing different drum kits, cymbals and mics, resulting in five distinct "vibes" of both loops and samples. Whether you're dragging and dropping the grooves into your DAW or programing your own beats with the samples, you'll have the vintage and authentic funk drum sound that has been sought after for decades. Number of Loops & Samples: 228 Tempo Range: 78-123 BPM - Instant Download - 100% Royalty Free - High Quality 24 Bit 48 KHZ Audio Sets included: CrateDigger_102bpm InTheRed_90bpm LockDown_78bpm RockSoul_123bpm SnapCrackle_114bpm DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability) [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url]
  4. Science of Triathlon (DVDRip) Science of Triathlon (DVDRip) 2xDVDRip | English | AVI | 640 x 480 | DX50 ~1000 kbps | 29.970 fps MP3 | 192 Kbps | 48.0 KHz | 2 channels | 08:50:52 | 4.47 GB Genre: eLearning Video / Sport Triathlon is a very complex sport, but it is one that you can improve in if you understand the basic scientific principles of training and methods and techniques used by elite athletes. Now, for the first time, you can benefit from this wealth of knowledge previously only available at exclusive camps and clinics.all within the comfort of your own home. Science of Triathlon, spanning over 9 comprehensive hours, will serve as a pragmatic tool whatever your age or ability. You will not only learn to improve your techniques in swimming, biking and running, but more importantly gain a better understanding of the dynamics of the sport of triathlon and how to best fit it into your busy lifestyle. DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability) [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url]
  5. Toon Boom Harmony Premium 12.0.0 (Mac OS X) Toon Boom Harmony Premium 12.0.0 (Mac OS X) | 307.22 MB Harmony - Animation solution for every style. Harmony is the most creative and yet, efficient, software ever created for animation - that's why it's the industry standard. Sophisticated animation tools for every animator. Industry Standard - For a Reason! Brush Engine Brushes in Harmony are now better than ever for creative drawing. Draw with your own personal style. Palettes and Painting See how Harmony provides total control over texture and colour on every frame. Colour your world. Traditional Paperless Animation Harmony is built from the ground up for animation. See why it's the go-to tool for animators working in any style. Deformers Deformers are one of the "secret weapons" in Harmony, providing so much animation control it's almost like cheating. 2D/3D Integration 2D or 3D - it's all animation. Explore how cameras and 3D objects are combined in a multiplane environment to add depth. OpenFX Support Use OpenFX plugins to access an entire world of effects from spiralling warps to realistic lightning with dynamic feedback right inside of Harmony. Light Shading 2D doesn't have to mean flat. Light shading lets you tap a new dimension to add more character to your drawings. You gotta see this Harmony-exclusive feature. Built-in Compositing This is where hand-crafted meets automation. A built-in compositor lets you create extreme cut-out rigs and wire up all sorts of wonderfulness. Production Efficiency Harmony is packed with real-world, day-in, day-out, gotta get-it-done, go-to tools for animation. Be wicked fast and keep the focus on the art. Particle System Create fire and rain. Draw your own fairy dust and make it shoot from a wand. It's serious fun. Export to Game Engine Create 2D animation for your game that is lightweight and compatible with game engines like Unity. Rigged characters rule! Cut-Out Animation Great tools for animating your puppets. See how Harmony makes quick work of creating and posing characters with an intuitive workflow. Pipeline No software should be an island. Learn how Harmony works in concert with other production tools including Storyboard Pro to supercharge your pipeline. Requirements: - Mac OS X 10.9.5 - Mac OS X 10.10.2 or later DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability) [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url]
  6. ON1 Photo RAW 2017 v11.0.1.3469 MacOSX ON1 Photo RAW 2017 v11.0.1.3469 MacOSX | 695.91 MB ON1 Photo RAW is the lightning fast raw processor, photo editor and plug-in collection all in one app photographers have been asking for. Unlike the current class of raw-based photo editors requiring catalogs, bouncing between apps for editing, and a subscription ecosystem, ON1 Photo RAW features a new, modern raw processing engine, tuned for today's sensors and graphics chips. Combined with our current set of tools, the next generation of ON1 Photo 10, will continue to work where you want, as a standalone app, a plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop® & Lightroom®, or a host app for other editing apps. The Future of RAW Photo Editing See ON1 Photo RAW 2017 in action. These short videos show the huge benefits of using this state-of-the-art photo editor. Your All-Inclusive Effects Plug-In for Lightroom & Photoshop Photo RAW is a must have plug-in for Lightroom & Photoshop. At the heart lies Develop and Effects which include everything you could possibly need for creating any look you want. The hundreds of filters and presets are stackable, allowing for endless creativity. You don't need 10 different plug-ins when you can do it all with one. And There's More The best collection of filters for stacking and creating your own signature looks along with the perfect tools for selectively applying effects, local adjustments, adjustable gradients, adjustment brushes, masking, and retouching. - Adjustable Gradient - Adjustment Brush - Antique - Black & White - Bleach Bypass - Blur - Borders - Color Enhancer - Cross Process - Dynamic Contrast - Glow Popular - Grunge - HDR Look - Lens Blur - Lens Flare - Noise Reduction - Photo Filter - Portrait Enhancer - Sharpening - Split Tone - Sunshine - Texturizer - Tone Enhancer - Vignette - Vintage Raw Processing: Speed It's fast-really fast-and state-of-the-art Develop Make adjustments to photos and colleagues can access and edit where you leave off No Waiting Instant RAW editing - no waiting, no importing, no cataloging Native Support Also supports JPEG, TIF, PSD, PSB, PNG, and DNG Compatibility Support for over 800 cameras Non-Destructive Photo Development - Edit your photo while leaving the original file intact - All of the usual Develop controls plus Glow, Dynamic Contrast, and Skin Retouching - Sync or copy/paste your Develop settings across multiple photos - Customizable workspace Non-Destructive Photo Effects and Portrait Retouching - The world's best non-destructive, stackable, and re-editable filter app - The world's only non-destructive portrait retouching app - Create any look using the best Effects plug-in for Lightroom & Photoshop All-In-One RAW Processor and Photo Editor - Change the way you organize and edit photos with one app, not two - No catalog means you (or anyone with access) can store and edit your photos anywhere (local network and cloud) - Built-in layers, brushes, and masking tools - Includes all of the ON1 apps; Browse, Develop, Effects, Portrait, Layers, Resize, and Photo Via - Works as a standalone app, as a plug-in (for Adobe® Photoshop® and Lightroom®), a host app (Google® Nik® and other apps), or as an extension (for Apple® Photos®) What's New in ON1 Photo RAW 2017 System Requirements: - 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12 (current maintenance releases, 64-bit) - Intel Core 2 Duo, Xeon, or better processor(s) - 1.5GB free for installation - 4GB (8GB when used as a Photoshop plug-in) - Open GL 3.3 compatible video card with 512MB video RAM, 1280x720 resolution - Photoshop CS6 or CC, Elements 13, 14, or 15, Lightroom 5 or CC, Apple Photos DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability) [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url]
  7. MAGIX Samplitude Pro X3 Suite v14.0.2.60-Tracer MAGIX Samplitude Pro X3 Suite v14.0.2.60-Tracer TRACER | Jan 07 2017 | 620 MB Magix Samplitude Pro X3 Suite is a DAW software that simplifies the creating, editing and mastering aspects of an audio production through offering the possibility to model individual sounds and tracks. This Sequencer software creates a complete studio facility that functions as an user surface for almost every kind of user like musicians, soundengineers or producers. Furthermore the combination of professional tools and a highly efficient workflow sets much space for flexibility. This offers a wide variety of applications this Digital Audio Workstation covers for example audio recording, arrangements, bandmixes, postproduction or mastering projects. With Samplitude Pro X3 Suite the editing of audio files and sounds can be made with the highest standard of soundquality that the valued studiosound is made of. In addition to this Magix added some new effect Plug-Ins that comply with the common industrial standard. Personal Note: Some ask me about that , so i filled that request... some late. So you have to reg your self just one time (by offline Dongle Activation with the first x3 version, read the nfo with care to avoid fails) till a next major version , maybe x4 comes or even later (like my soundforge unipatch from 2013 who still works here with the magix version, i include it because of that) Beside this , even more importand: I wish all Audioz Headz a happy new year and all the best in art and life! Heartwarming Hookz home page: DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability) [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url]
  8. BMW PSdZData Lite v3.55.1 [02.2015] English BMW PSdZData Lite v3.55.1 [02.2015] English Win | 1.61 GB Updates the program files BMW E-Sys for programming, coding, of BMW electronic control units. Homepage - Requirements: - O.S.: ShiChuang XP; ShiChuang Vista; ShiChuang 7; ShiChuang 8 - CPU: Pentium/Athlon 2 GHz or higher - RAM: 1 GB of system memory - Hard Drive: 30 GB of available space - DVD-ROM DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability) [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url]
  9. CSI Bridge 2015 v17.3.0 CSI Bridge 2015 v17.3.0 | 477.2 MB Computers and Structures, Inc. (CSI), a structural and earthquake engineering software company, has released an update for Bridge 2015 version 17, is specialized analysis and design software tailored for the engineering of bridge systems. Suspension, cable-stay, elevated-roadway, and other types of bridge systems may be modeled and designed to suit any one of a variety of purposes, including means for crossing water, linking points between shear terrain, or extending over highway infrastructure. Customized controls and features integrate across a powerful object-based modeling environment to offer an intuitive, practical, and productive computational tool for bridge engineering. Advanced modeling features and sophisticated analysis techniques account for dynamic effects, inelastic behavior, and geometric nonlinearity. Code-based templates streamline the engineering process from model definition through analysis, design optimization, and the generation of comprehensive output reports. CSiBridge is the premier software for bridge engineering. CSiBridge 2015 17.3.0 Enhancements Modeling - Curved frame members are now displayed in extruded views. - Arbitrary placement of support bearings at bents and abutments for concrete box-girder bridges. - Time dependent creep and shrinkage curves for CEB FIP-2010, ACI 209R-92, and user-defined. Output - Steel I-girder and U-girder tabular design output for all load combinations at each design station. Design - AASHTO LRFD 2012 6th Edition and 2014 7th Edition concrete frame design. About Computers and Structures, Inc Founded in 1975, Computers and Structures, Inc. (CSI) is recognized globally as the pioneering leader in software tools for structural and earthquake engineering. Software from CSI is used by thousands of engineering firms in over 160 countries for the design of major projects, including the Taipei 101 Tower in Taiwan, One World Trade Center in New York, the 2008 Olympics Birds Nest Stadium in Beijing and the cable-stayed Centenario Bridge over the Panama Canal. CSI's software is backed by more than three decades of research and development, making it the trusted choice of sophisticated design professionals everywhere! Name: CSI Bridge Version: 2015 version 17.3.0 Home: Interface: english OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven / 8 Size: 477.2 mb DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability) [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url]
  10. IdImager Photo Supreme Multilingual | 101.15 MB Do you own a digital camera? Then in no time you will have thousands of images on your computer, and finding that one image you are looking for will become a chore. But Photo Supreme can change all that. Whether you have 1,000 or 500,000 images in your archive, Photo Supreme's integrated photo cataloging and photo management features will help you quickly find and work with your desired image. Extremely powerful yet easy-to-use From the ground up, Photo Supreme was developed with easy-of-use as the primary focus. We were able to pack most of the features requested by our user base into a user interface that is clean and efficient, yet extremely powerful. Photo Supreme comes with every essential image management feature you'll need to bring structure in your image archive. Assigning catalog labels, importing images to your computer, search features, etc. And once you have your images cataloged then you'll be able to find that one image you need within seconds to then view, duplicate, email, share on your favorite photo site, upload it to your FTP server, or edit it in your favorite photo editor. Integrates with your favorite tools Photo Supreme makes integration with your favorite photo editing tools seaminglessly. At installation it will automatically find and add the most common used image editing tools to the user interface. Simply select an image and click on the application icon to start editing your image. Unparalleled Speed Digital Asset Management software uses a catalog database and should be optimized to work with thousands of images in the database. We took this seriously and were able to get the speed up, there where it belongs. Searches will return results in just milliseconds. Always take your images with you With Photo Supreme you can store previews of your images inside the database. Then, even if your images are physically located on your network, they travel with you. The previews can be stored in the size that you prefer, from small to large ones, up to 1680 pixels Open architecture Right from the start, Photo Supreme was designed with an open cataloging architecture in mind. Because existing industry standards are used to store its data, you can extract your information at any time, even without our software. Should you ever decide to switch applications (although once you've tried Photo Supreme, you'll never go back!), you won't have to repeat the time consuming operation of re-cataloging your data. After all, it is YOUR data, not the application's data! Share with friends and family Photo Supreme easily interfaces to public photo sharing sites like Facebook, Flickr, PicasaWeb, Zenfolio, or SmugMug. Resize or rename your images as you upload them to your on-line account without having to prepare them first. Also, add or remove your metadata, convert color space, or add your personal signature to your uploaded images. Get started right away If you already use some sort of image collection tool then Photo Supreme can help you get your existing data into Photo Supreme, saving you lots of time. There are import feature available for iPhotoв„ў, Apertureв„ў, Lightroomв„ў 3 and 4, iMatchв„ў, and FotoTimeв„ў. At the same time, PSU is able to read and import meta-data that was written with XMP supporting tools, including Adobe products, Nikon software, iViewв„ў, MediaProв„ў. Vocabularies In addition there are import features to support market standard vocabularies, including David Rieck's ControlledVocabularyв„ў, UltraTAGв„ў, Lightroomв„ў-Keyword Files, or any other tool that supports exporting to Formatted Vocabulary Files. Main Features & Highlights: * Advanced search capabilities * Multi Tab Browsing * Import/Ingest images * Side-by-Side comparison (up to 6 images) * Keyword tagging * Advanced GEO Tagging * Image organization in portfolios * Duplicate Detection * Share images with Flickr, Smugmug, Zenfolio, Picasaweb, FTP, EMail * Dual Monitor Support * Creative Commons support * Face Detection * Area Tagging * Extensible metadata with Custom Fields * Take your previews with you while travelling * Color Managed * Lossless Image Editing * Fully Scriptable * Available for Windows and MacOSX platform * Multi-User network/server version available for PostgreSQL and SQLServer (Server Edition) * English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Russian localeRelease Notes DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability) [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url]
  11. NeoOffice 2014.12 (Mac OS X) NeoOffice 2014.12 (Mac OS X) | 409 MB Languages : AR, CS, DA, DE, EN, ES, FI, FR, HE, IT, JA, NB, NL, PL, PT, RU, SV, ZH NeoOffice is a full-featured set of office applications (including word processing, creating spreadsheets, presentations and programs to work) for Mac OS X. NeoOffice is based on office suite and includes dozens of native Mac for functions for importing, editing and sharing files with other popular office programs such as Microsoft Office. Key features and functions of the program: What's new in version 2014.1: Before you buy NeoOffice, click on the "Website Planamesa Inc." Link and try NeoOffice for free. This version of NeoOffice adds automatic grammar checking. When you spellcheck a document in Writer, NeoOffice now automatically does grammar checking using the OS X grammar checker. NeoOffice 2013.x users: NeoOffice is now a 64 bit application. Most NeoOffice 2013.x users should not notice any changes in this version. However, the small number of users that use third-party ODBC drivers and native extensions will need to obtain 64 bit versions of their third-party ODBC drivers and native extensions. Click on the "NeoOffice" - Support "link to see steps for configuring MySQL's ODBC driver to work with NeoOffice 2014.1. Installation Procedure: Mount image and drag the application icon in the Applications folder System requirements: • OS X 10.8 or later, • 64-bit processor More info _ DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability) [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url]
  12. Nero WaveEditor 14.0.0020 Final Nero WaveEditor 14.0.0020 Final | 56.7 Mb Nero WaveEditor - is a program for editing and recording audio files. The various filtering and sound optimization methods allow you to create individual audio files quickly and easily. It also offers numerous improvement functions for recording from tape or vinyl records. Non-destructive editing lets you try many options and undo all changes. A range of audio-processing options gives you complete control over your audio files. Real-time 'audition' lets you select and hear effects in real time, as your soundfile plays. Preset Manager lets you save your frequently-used settings. Sample format conversion, anti-aliasing filters, dithering, noise shaping. Key features: * Nero Wave Editor allows you to apply sound data as text: copy, cut, paste, delete, etc. for Example, it is enough to select the desired area on the chart to copy it and move to another part of the composition. * Due to the fact that Nero Wave Editor has a huge set of tools, most of them do not have their own buttons on the toolbar and accessed through the main menu. * Menu Level allows access to the basic tools of changing the volume of the audio signal. You can make it increasing or decreasing, and you can adjust the overall volume. An important feature of this menu is the function to Normalize... It allows you to adjust the volume level of the current record in compliance with the standard and is used for recording when you play them one after another no significant differences in volume. * The Effects menu allows various ways to change sound to add echo, to impose the effect of choral performance, etc. * Tools one of the most interesting in the program. With its help you can change the settings of the stereo image of the song or parts of it, to apply the EQ, limiting, or, conversely, increasing the number of sounds of a certain frequency. * The Transpose function lets you change the frequency of the sound, for example, to make a male voice similar to a female or child. Using this menu you can change the length of the part of the composition or in its entirety. For Karaoke function to this menu I would like to stay more, because it is one of the most popular. DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability) [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url]
  13. Proteus 8.5 SP0 with Advanced Simulation Proteus 8.5 SP0 with Advanced Simulation | 314.0 mb Labcenter Electronics a leading developer of electronics CAD (schematic, simulation and PCB autorouting) software has released 8.5 release of Proteus, is the latest interim release of the Proteus Design Suite CAD Software.. Version 8.5 is an interim release in the PCB development schedule and features a complete re-working of the CADCAM output engine. The RS274X output has been upgraded to make full use contours and polygonal apertures whilst the new code can also generate the latest Gerber X2 format as well as an IPC-D-356 bare board netlist. Other features added are significant improvements to the large pin count BGA workflow which are included in the release of 8.5 SP0. Meanwhile, our major development focus on 'push-and-shove manual routing' remains on target for the end of the year. 8.5 also sees the introduction of Visual Designer for Arduino AVR - a flowchart based programming environment for the Arduino ecosystem that makes full use of the simulation capabilities of Proteus VSM. - Added automatic generation of assembly layers with options to print out and also export to graphics / Gerber / ODB++. - Gerber RS274X and X2 now output all files in both imperial or metric. - Gerber and Excellon files can be set to user either Imperial or Metric units. - Panelization can now be performed across multiple editing sessions. - Added warning on unrealistic FFT calculations when simulating Fourier Graphs. About Labcenter Electronics Ltd. Labcenter Electronics Ltd. was founded in 1988 by the chairman and chief software architect John Jameson. The initial launch of our Proteus design suite followed soon after and has since benefited from nearly 25 years continuous development, evolving into one of the most cost effective, fully featured EDA packages on the market. With current sales in over 50 countries spanning the globe Labcenter is continuously expanding both its product portfolio and its customer base. Name: Proteus Version: 8.5 SP0 (build 22067) Professional with Advanced Simulation Home: Interface: english OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7even / 8 / 10 Size: 314.0 mb DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability) [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url]
  14. FTI 5.3 for CATIA V5R20-R24 Solutions (x64) FTI 5.3 for CATIA V5R20-R24 Solutions (x64) | 225.40 MB "FTI CATIA (CAA) V5 Solutions - is a modular application for CATIA V5 Analysis of the technological components obtained sheet forming and cutting optimization of the metal strip. FTI CATIA (CAA) V5 Solutions fully integrtrovana interferon in CATIA V5 and consists of modules combined a simple common interface and intended for designers, engineers and setters." Modules FTI CATIA (CAA) V5 Solutions can: - Quickly calculate the shape of the sweep; - To predict potential problems of manufacturing: education tears or folds utjazhki material; - To determine the final shape of the part with the springing of metal; - To analyze and calculate the geometry of the die stamping force; - Optimize the cutting of blanks from the tape; - Calculate the cost of each product. Additional Information: To ensure compatibility, you must have installed the latest service packs meets both versions of CATIA V5 About Forming Technologies Forming Technologies Incorporated is the world's leading developer of computer aided engineering software for design and simulation of sheet metal components. Since 1989, FTI has provided OEMs and suppliers in the automotive, aerospace and appliance industries with innovative software and training solutions designed to reduce development time and material costs. FTI has trained over 12,000 engineers in Formability and Die Design and is considered the Best in Class around the world for their industry training programs. Year / Release Date: 2015 Version: 5.3 Developer: FTI DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability) [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url]
  15. Autodesk Nastran Products 2016 Autodesk Nastran Products 2016 | 1.3 Gb Autodesk Inc., a world leader in 2D and 3D design and entertainment software for the media and entertainment markets, announced the release of Nastran Products 2016. Use comprehensive Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to predict product performance through linear, nonlinear, thermal, and dynamic analysis. Optimize designs and validate product behavior before manufacturing. Included: - Autodesk Nastran 2016 FEA solver delivers accurate results for complex simulations. - Autodesk Nastran In-CAD 2016 CAD-embedded FEA simulation, powered by our Autodesk Nastran solver. About Autodesk Autodesk helps people imagine, design and create a better world. Everyone-from design professionals, engineers and architects to digital artists, students and hobbyists-uses Autodesk software to unlock their creativity and solve important challenges. Name: Autodesk Nastran Products Version: 2016 Home: Interface: english OS: ShiChuang 7even / 8 Size: 1.3 Gb DOWNLOAD (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability) [url][/url] [url][/url]